Face Up To Cancer is a fundraising campaign asking people to donate and upload their selfies in support of cancer research and cancer support services in partnership with 3 leading Irish Cancer charities: Breast Cancer Ireland, Breakthrough Cancer Research and Marie Keating Foundation.

All donations to Face Up to Cancer are electronic, and processed through Stripe. Every donation is itemised and collated immediately and receipts are issued in real time.

Donations are split in real time and our charity partners get 90% of every Euro donated directly to their bank accounts in real time.

The remaining 10c of every Euro donated covers campaign production costs, software engineers, and other administrative campaign costs.

All three of Face Up To Cancer charity partners are triple locked for governance and meet the standards set out by the Charities Institute of Ireland – ethical fundraising, transparent annual financial reporting and governance. Each are proud to have achieved and maintain this highest level of governance and integrity.

There are over 12,000 charities registered with the Charities Regulator of which only 150 are Triple Locked. Find out more here:


Breast Cancer Ireland and Breakthrough Cancer Research, fund national and international research at scientific and clinical trial level, in order to change the landscape positively of cancer into the future. Marie Keating Foundation provide support services for people and their families affected by a cancer diagnosis. As a donor we will keep you informed of the impact your donation is making.

The monies raised will be used to make a significant impact on the lives of the one in two people living in Ireland who will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Specifically, funds will be channelled into three critical areas:

  1. Investment in Breast Metastatic Disease Progression Research: Advancing the understanding and treatment of breast metastatic disease progression to the brain.

  2. Research for Hard-to-Treat Cancers: Funding research to develop better ways to detect and treat lung, pancreatic, ovarian, oesophageal, and other hard-to-treat cancers.

  3. Cancer Awareness and Support Services: Providing on-the-ground support for individuals and families living with or beyond cancer.

Face Up To Cancer is the brainchild of a group of media professionals keen to make a difference. Gerard Carthy & Colman O Reilly have created the concept and supporting website, and Titan II Film with Ian Sorensen, Steve O Reilly and Nick Ryan, have brought the campaign to life, with amazing video and portrait portrayal.

Gerard Carthy loved the idea of people adding their faces to the images of people who are living with cancer, some who have lost their lives to cancer and those who dedicate their lives to finding new treatments and someday a cure.

Our amazing charity partners are the Marie Keating Foundation, Breast Cancer Ireland and Breakthrough Cancer Research. All three charities have impeccable reputations and proven track record for pursuing excellence in all their endeavours.


Breast Cancer Ireland
Breast Cancer Ireland is a registered charity (CHY 19926) established to raise significant funding to support pioneering research programmes nationally as well as to promote education & awareness on the importance of good breast health amongst people of all ages. Breast Cancer Ireland seeks, through its ongoing, world-class research efforts, to transform breast cancer into a disease that can be either cured or managed as an illness long-term (in the case of invasive cancers).

Funds raised from the Face Up To Cancer fundraising campaign will be channelled into research into metastatic disease progression and also into national education and awareness programmes. For more information see: www.breastcancerireland.com


Breakthrough Cancer Research
Breakthrough Cancer Research (Breakthrough) is an Irish cancer charity focused on research and education and is one of the largest funders of cancer research in Ireland. Breakthrough invest in research to respond to the unmet needs of people with cancer and are particularly focused on cancers that are hard to treat or have a poor prognosis – Brain, Oesophageal, Pancreatic, Stomach, Ovarian, Liver and Lung cancer. These seven cancers are causing almost 50% of cancer deaths in Ireland.

The mission of Breakthrough Cancer Research is to make more survivors of cancer through research. Breakthrough facilitates excellence in research by bringing scientists and clinicians together to collaborate with the aim of discovering and developing new, better, kinder, smarter treatments and diagnostics for people with cancer, and are currently supporting over 160 researchers across the island of Ireland. For more information see: www.breakthroughcancerresearch.ie


The Marie Keating Foundation
Founded in 1998 by the Keating family after their mother Marie died from breast cancer at the age of 51, the Marie Keating Foundation is now one of Ireland’s leading cancer charities supporting men and women throughout Ireland at every step of a cancer journey. The Foundation provides a range of community awareness and education programmes educating the public on signs and symptoms of all common cancers and how to reduce their risk. The Foundation also runs a range of support services to assist cancer patients throughout their treatment and runs survivorship programmes and support groups for those living with or beyond cancer. For more information see: www.mariekeating.ie